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Name:Jessica Allan Schmidt
Birthdate:Sep 22, 1981
Location:People's Republic of Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America
In 2005, she was sent to Boston from New Hampshire for a crime she didn't commit. She escaped from a maximum-security college in Wellesley and fled to the Cambridge underground. Today, still wanted by student loan originators, she survives as a slacker. If someone has something they need procrastinated, if no else will do it, and if you can find her, maybe you can hire ... Jessica Allan.

Interests (132):

adopting victorian hairstyles, alba gu bràth!, albrecht dürer, alicia, alt.peeves, ambulance technicians, an dà shealladh, anaïs nin, anne sexton, archaisms, aspiring to polymathy, avoiding family gatherings, avoiding suburbia, baedekers reisehandbücher, being a bitch, being a kickass mama, being barefoot, being in love, bibliophilia, black and white photography, bluestockings, boston athenæum, boston symphony orchestra, browsing second-hand bookshops, burning my writings, caffè e latte, cambridgeport, catullus, cb i hate perfume, christian science monitor, clematis lanuginosa, clementia, commedia dell'arte, comparative history, coniectores, conversations with strangers, coquetterie, croissants, daughters of the american revolution, dignitas, doonesbury, drawing the nine of swords, driving stick shift, déjà rêvé, eleemosynary, fais la coquine, flirting, gamelan orchestras, gonzo journalism, grand theft auto vice city, grapes, gravitas, green virago modern classics, haunting libraries, helene hanff, humanism, héloïse d’argenteuil, intj, invoking infallibility retroactively, julianne, junior league, kicking ass, kissing beautiful girls, kissing like a teenager, la vie de bohème, les petites aventures, listening to the rain, loompanics unlimited, magnetic poetry, massachusetts general hospital, mensa, miniver cheevy, misericordia, modest stillness and humility, mon héritage acadien, moody princes, mornings spent in my garden, museum of fine arts, musing over my correspondence, noblesse oblige, nombres no quiero acordarme, not learning from my mistakes, nunc pede libero pulsanda tellus, orange penguin modern classics, peace and justice studies, pietas, pissing off southern baptists, pride and valour true, puddle jumping, restless nights, rosa floribunda, rules for mornington crescent, saint andrew's society, samuel pepys, seduction, serenitas, simon's rock college, slinging drinks, snuggling, society of friends, speaking the truth, spending days naked in bed, stargazing, strawberries, tapas, telling him about my scars, the economist, the grauniad, thinking before speaking, travelling, tyrophilia, victorian jewellery, vinyl records, viola odorata, walking in the rain, wandering to become lost, watching the sun rise, wellesley college, whispering in your ear, writing paper, épate la bourgeoisie, œnophilia, γνωοιο μαυτήν, διογένης ὁ σινωπεύς, εὐδαιμονία, ζήνων ὁ κιτιεύς, μελαγχολία, μηδὲν ἄγαν, πύρρων ο ηλείος, тетрис, 塊魂, 辛酉
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